To our vendors and customers,

We have loved putting on a show for you for the past three years. It has been a wonderful experience hosting a Holiday craft and art show full of wonderful makers, skilled food vendors, and talented musicians.

This year our venue significantly raised the rental fee, almost doubling last year’s rate. After crunching the numbers, there isn’t a feasible way we could put on a show that would also keep the table fee low (or even reasonable) for our vendors, we shouldn’t have to double a table fee in order to put on a craft and art show or charge admission.

Therefore we have decided to postpone Tidings for 2019, as we regroup and work on something for the future.

Raising rates and rentals in Portland is not new. Imagine a city funded holiday show that would take the financial burden off of the vendors?! Talk about giving a boost to what makes Portland great!

Again we are so sorry we won’t be hosting a fair this year. We hope to return in the future.